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          Mark X, Inc.
          8301 Vintage Club Circle, Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
          2022-03-28 08:44:54
          I have a rally towel I need to produce.   We have enough time on this project to produce overseas.  I do not have an in hands date but I do know I have 90 days.  We will NOT award job to brokers.  If our min. qty does not meet your standard, please quote based on your min. quantity.
          Please re-quote this towel based on an overseas production of 90-days.  Please provide a shipping estimate via boat to  , San Francisco, CA as a separate line item.  Please provide cost for a pre-production sample as a separate line item.  Please provide production time from PDF production proof approval and from pre-production sample approval.  I am not sure the client will want to see a pre-production sample first.

          Quantity:  1,000
          Towel weight: Option 1:  Please proposed a cost efficient white rally towel
              Option 2:  On same weighted towel as option 1, we want a custom dyed towel in a PMS red. 
          Size:  Option 1: 15" x 17" 
              Option 2:  Most cost efficient size.
          Prints:  Option 1:  Using towel option 1, quote 3 spot color.  PMS gold and 2 PMS red using silkscreen process.  One side only.
              Option 2:  Using towel option 2, quote 3 spot color of white (flash), PMS gold and PMS red using silkscreen process.  One side only.
          I do NOT have a picture to provide you nor a budget.
          If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

          聯 系 人:
          驗 證 碼:

          Mark X, Inc.
          Ms. Kelley Holmes
          • 電話:1-919-658-5571
          • 手機:
          • 傳真:1-919-401-1402
          • 郵箱:
          • 網址:
          • 地址:8301 Vintage Club Circle, Wilmington, North Carolina, United States

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