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          紡織網    2008-10-31 14:15:37 我要收藏

          International Sports Equipment Ltd.  375 Jiefang Street, Tianjing 30000, China
          Tel: (020) 200000 Fax: 2000001

          September 12, 200#

          Norseman Vehicle Building Ltd.
          12 Nobel Street
          Stockholm, Sweden

          Dear Sirs:

          We spoke to your representative, Mr. Bergman, at the international Automobile Expo in Tokyo last week, and he showed us a number of snowmobiles which you produce, and informed us of your terms and conditions.

          We were impressed with the vehicles, and have decided to place a trial order for ten of them, your Cat. No SM18. The enclosed order, No.98918, is for prompt dilivery as the winter season is only a few weeks away.

          As Mr. Bergman assured us that you could meet any order from stock, we have instructed our bank, Bank of China, Tianjing Branch, to open a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit for USD 108,000 in your favor, valid until December 1, 200#.

          Our bank informs us that credit will be confirmed by their agents, Scandinavian Bank, Strindberg Street, Stockholm, once you have contacted them, and they will also supply us with a certificate of quality once you have informed them that the order has been made up and they have checked it.

          You may draw on the agents for the full amount of the invoice at 60 days, and your draft should be presented with the following documents:
          Six copiesof the bill of lading
          Five copies of the commercial invoice, c,i,f. Tianjin
          Insurance Certificate for USD 118,800(A. R.)
          Certificate of origin
          Certificate of quality}
          The credit will cover the invoices, discounting, and any other bank charges. Please fax us confirming that the order has been accepted and the vehicles can be delivered within the next six weeks.

          Yours faithfully

          QIAN Jin( Mr. )
          Purchase Department


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